FM 55 at Chambers Creek Bridge Replacement: TxDOT Dallas

LTRA was assigned to prepare the PS&E for the replacement of the main bridge and relief structure. This project was originally scheduled for letting in FY 2007. However due to heavy rains on January 2, 2005, the fourth bent from the south abutment washed away and the bridge collapsed. Due to the road being a major route for the local residents, it was extremely important to immediately reconstruct the bridge. There were some suggestions of building a temporary road while the design was being completed. However, in order to save money and eliminate the construction of a temporary roadway, LTRA made the commitment to TxDOT to complete the roadway design and bridge layouts in four weeks. Our duties included project management, preparation of bridge layout for 955’ long 12-span skewed and normal bents, culvert layout, survey, roadway design, signing and pavement markings, SW3P, estimate, general notes, and the final PS&E.  Working very closely with the area office, bridge design section and the design division in Austin, the project was completed and let in record time. This bridge is currently open to traffic and it is a good example of our commitment to accommodate and meet our client’s schedule, especially in an emergency like this one.