Survey Services


LTRA’s survey department has four experienced registered professional land surveyors and a plethora of skilled technicians who are not only qualified, but also capable of meeting the needs of each specialized project. Our experienced professionals have a proven track record on multiple types of survey projects. LTRA’s survey teams are equipped with Leica CS20 data collectors running Leica Captivate Field Software allowing fast, accurate, and reliable collection of horizontal and vertical field data. This digital data is easily transferred daily to the office utilizing Leica Exchange Cloud Service for immediate processing of collected field data with Leica Infinity Software. LTRA equips every field team with conventional geodetic surveying instruments including Leica GS18 and GS16 GNSS GPS Receivers, Leica TS16 and MS50 Robotic Total Stations as well as Digital Levels. LTRA provides special surveying tools and equipment such as boats equipped with hydrographic surveying equipment, UAV’s and ATV’s capable of getting the job done in even the most remote locations.

Using the latest technology and equipment, we can provide fast, efficient, and accurate surveying for projects of various sizes and complexities.

Terrestrial Laser Scanning

LTRA is equipped with the latest in Terrestrial Laser Scanning from Leica including P40, RTC360, BLK360 & MS50. This gives us a range of state-of-the-art total scanners designed for different purposes project sizes capable of producing highly accurate point clouds and corresponding imagery in a minimal amount of time. Point Cloud data is processed using the Leica Cyclone Suite of software to formats used for extraction in TopoDOT software. This equipment is ideal for the modeling of complex structures and multiple pipes, and for obtaining information remotely in areas that are difficult to reach with conventional survey methods. Plant environments are ideal for this type of application. Engineers are increasingly requesting the LiDAR data due to the dense data sets that can be provided.

Survey Services

  • Design Surveys
  • Construction Surveys
  • GPS Surveying
  • Control Network
  • Quality Control Surveying
  • Data Conversion
  • Parcel Plats & Legal Descriptions
  • Route Surveys
  • Research
  • General Geographic Information System (GIS) Services
  • Laser Scanning Services
  • Right-of-Way Mapping

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