Engineering Services

Engineering Services

LTRA’s engineering experience includes project management, feasibility studies, planning, schematic design, environmental assessments, roadway design, hyrdaulic design and analysis, urban storm sewer design, detention ponds, bridge and retaining wall layouts, major interchange layout, traffic control plans, lighting, light rail, station design, FEMA studies, COE permitting, traffic studies, utility coordination, pollution prevention plans, and cost estimation.

As a consulting firm, our main philosophy is that in order to serve governmental agencies adequately, we must refrain from performing services to private entities and developers in order to eliminate any potential conflicts of interest. With this philosophy in mind, LTRA has aggressively pursued work with the various public agencies in the state of Texas, has been very successful in providing excellent services, and continues to grow rapidly. The LTRA team is a group of experienced professionals who have a proven track record on projects of a various nature. We are aware of the coordination issues and challenges present when working for a governmental agency. Our goal is to provide a quality product that exceeds the clients’ expectations. Our engineering staff is very experienced in the use of computer programs necessary for the completion of transportation projects.

Engineering Specialties

  • Roadways / Highways
  • Airports
  • Transit
  • CDA/Design Build

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